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What people are saying about the Clinician's Guide to PPS
This is a first rate book...a fabulous orientation tool for new clinicians to home care and an excellent review for experienced clinicians. The authors have taken difficult material, including a whole new vocabulary and made it understandable. The organization allows the reader to choose sections most useful to them without reading from cover to cover — a positive quality in today's hectic home care environment.
Verna Benner Carson, PhD,RN,CS-P
National Director of RESTORE Family Behavioral Health Program
Tender Loving Care — Staff Builders

...excellent, well-organized and well-referenced resource on PPS. The complexities of PPS are presented in a straightforward, readable style. Helpful features include a summary of key points at the conclusion of each chapter and liberal use of graphs and tables to supplement the text. An essential reference for every home care agency.

Lisa Gorski, RN,MS
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Covenant Home Health & Hospice
Clinician's Guide to PPS
August 2001
The Clinician's Guide to PPS is a comprehensive review of the key aspects of prospective payment as they affect the practicing clinician. The authors have successfully distilled a very complex topic into understandable language. While this guide is written with the clinician in mind, it is an excellent resource for all managers, financial staff, information staff, and schools of health professionals with an interest in home care practice or management.

N-011      $32 member        $58 nonmember (plus $7.00 s&h)

HHNA Core Curriculum Section I: "Program Management"
May 2001
The HHNA Core Curriculum corresponds with the categories contained in the ANCC's Test Content Outline for the Home Health Nurse Certification. The Curriculum is published in four sections. This section includes seven chapters that describes the types of home health care delivery systems, role of the home health nurse case manager, infection control principles and standards and related regulatory issues. Standards of practice for home health nursing are presented along with discussion of the Federal Conditions of Participation for Medicare. Other topics include quality and risk management, quality improvement, sources of reimbursement, eligibility and coverage issues, and policies and procedures essential for home care nurses. Note: Information in Section I is current as of the date of publication.

N-007      $15 member        $30 nonmember (plus $4.50 s&h)

HHNA Core Curriculum Section II: "Concepts and Models" 
July 2001
The HHNA Core Curriculum corresponds with the categories contained in the ANCC's Test Content Outline for the Home Health Nurse Certification. The Curriculum is published in four sections. Section Two includes eight chapters. This section of the Core Curriculum focuses on the theoretical foundations of home health nursing practice that support the unique relationship or partnership the home care nurse enjoys with the patient. The chapters are intended to provide the student, novice, or experienced home care nurse with a foundational understanding of the theories, concepts, models and approaches to care that ground home healthcare nursing. Chapter topics include communication skills, teaching/learning from the patient perspective and the nurseÕs perspective, crisis theory, change theory, nursing theories relevant to home healthcare nursing practice, family and developmental theories, cultural competence, death and dying MaslowÕs Hierarchy of Needs, and maintenance of the patient care focus throughout the wellness/illness continuum.

N-008      $15 member        $30 nonmember (plus $4.50 s&h)

HHNA Core Curriculum Section III - Clinical Management
October 2002
Section III content applies the nursing process for common health problems seen in home care and provides case studies to illustrate care management. Topics include: Cardiovascular Problems, Respiratory Problems, Nutrition in Home Care, and Advanced Pain Management & care of the Terminally Ill.

N-009      $40 member        $80 nonmember (plus 4.50 s&h)

HHNA Core Curriculum Section IV: "Trends, Issues and Research"
August 2001
The HHNA Core Curriculum corresponds with the categories contained in the ANCC's Test Content Outline for the Home Health Nurse Certification. The Curriculum is published in four sections. Section Four is comprised of seven chapters that intend to provide further understanding of how home healthcare nursing practice is impacted by current health care trends, advances in technology and science with associated legal and ethical issues and the application of research findings. Chapter topics include legal and ethical issues, research, health care reform initiatives, information systems, computerized documentation, telehealth, and community outreach programs.

N-010      $15 member        $30 nonmember (plus s&h)

HHNA Core Curriculum Four Sections
OCtober 2002
Purchase Section I, II, and III, and receive section IV free! Keep in mind Section III will not be mailed until completed until Spring 2002).

N-012      $70 member        $155 nonmember (plus s&h)

On Becoming a Home Health Nurse: Practice Meets Theory in Home Care Nursing
November 2000
This publication takes the reader on a journey into the essence of nursing in the home care setting, and delves into its mystique to reveal key elements of mastery for the successful clinician. Based upon the findings of two research studies, the book provides a realistic description and analysis of the day-to-day challenges faced by nurses in home care.

N-006      $22 member        $44 nonmember (plus $4.50 s&h)

Diabetes Education & Management in Home Care
August 2000
A comprehensive, state-of-the-art clinical resource, this handbook, written by Linda C. Pearce, MEd, BSN, RN.C, CDE, is indispensable as a field reference for busy home care nurses faced with the myriad of challenges in managing the diabetic patient in the home. This easy-to-use publication will enhance the clinical practice of nurses in any setting.

N-005      $32 member        $58 nonmember (plus $7.00 s&h)

Medication Management & the Elderly
June 2000
This monograph, written by Carol O. Long, PhD, RN, explores the risk factors, pharmacokinetics, adverse drug experienced, and non-adherence and the elderly patient, and discusses the role of the home care nurse in managing these problems. This thoughtful guide to commonly occurring and frequently missed problems in care of the elderly is a must for all home healthcare nurses.

N-004      $8 member        $16 nonmember (plus $4.50 s&h)

Spiritual Care: A Monograph, by Jeanne V. Zimmerman, BSN, RN
May 2000
A first hand account by a nurse who is a compassionate listener and companion. You will be moved by this touching and riveting publication that opens pathways for clinicians to broach the spiritual dimension of care regardless of their spiritual affiliation, or lack of it.

N-003      $8.00 member      $16.00 nonmember (plus $4.50 s&h)

Burnout Management: A Guide for Home Healthcare Nurses, by Dr. Linda Curci, PhD, RN
This HHNA publication discusses the real life problems of "burnout" that home health nurses deal with daily. Burnout Management contains a definition of "burnout," lists the signs and symptoms of burnout, gives practical burnout prevention tips, and offers special advice to home healthcare nurses.

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Nursing Practice Guidelines for the Cardiac Home Care Patient
The guidelines were developed by HHNA to provide parameters for cardiac home care. This resource assists home care nurses and agencies in delivering comprehensive cardiac care that focuses on promoting periods of wellness, encouraging self-care management, and preventing disease progression using the nursing process as the framework.

N-001      $15 member        $30 nonmember (plus $4.50 s&h)

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